September 11: Port Arthur:


The Port Arthur City Council first received a suggestion in May 1916 made by the Indian Agent, Russell Brown, that clothing no longer in use by the 94th and 96th battalion might be provided to “destitute Indians” in the District. Council also received a letter in August 1916 received from Military Secretary from the Department of Militia and Defense regarding the same issue, and now this letter from the Military Secretary.


September 12: Fort William:


A. Coombs of the 5th Canadian Battalion sent a request asking that the usual grant for civic employees entering the military be given to his mother. The usual military grant of $50 was given.


September 18: Port Arthur:



Port Arthur City Council receives a letter from J.T. White, solicitor of the Provincial Treasury Department, regarding interest due on the Provincial War Tax.  Council authorize the payment of $517.44 to pay the 5% interest due on the $15,523 War Tax bill. The Council had received a letter from White in August 1916 regarding the War Tax.

September 18: Port Arthur:



George Chasty, a firefighter, accepts the standard military grant of $100 from Port Arthur City Council. Chasty had enlisted in September 1915, and would have been eligible for more under the earlier policy where the municipality made up the difference between military pay and the person’s previous salary.

Chasty would return to his work with the Port Arthur Fire Department after the War, and eventually serve as Fire Chief from 1940 to 1947.


Photo of George Chasty, ca. 1940 (City of Thunder Bay Archives, 1992-01-30 TBA 4878)

September 26: Fort William:


The British Red Cross Society sent a request asking that October 19 be set aside and that a special collection be made for the Red Cross.

September 26: Fort William:



Fort William City Council requests that an effort should be made to raise money for patriotic purposes through taxation. Council recommends that next year’s Council should adopt a bylaw to provide funds for patriotic purposes. They agree to pay any deficit of the Patriotic Society for the balance of 1916.


September 27: Port Arthur:


The Port Arthur General Hospital was initially constructed as the Railway, Marine, & General Hospital. The name was changed in 1918, and a new facility constructed in 1930.

Port Arthur City Council had planned to contribute to a sinking fund for improvements to the Hospital. They decided to postpone this contribution until 1917, as the costs of supporting the war effort mounted.