November 6: Port Arthur:



Last month Port Arthur City Council received a letter from B.J. Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the British Red Cross regarding a Red Cross appeal. Here, we see the outcome of Robert’s request. Council authorizes the Treasurer to issue a cheque for $25, but regretfully advises against the British Red Cross putting on a campaign at this time.

November 13: Port Arthur:


Port Arthur City Council welcomes back Col. D.C. Mackenzie [sic].

Col. McKenzie, the commanding officer of the 141st Battalion, was also a physician for the Fort Frances and Rainy River district. As well, Col. D.C. McKenzie served as mayor to the Town of Fort Frances in 1906, 1911-1913 and again in 1915.

November 13: Port Arthur:


Port Arthur City Council transfer $47,500 to the Canadian War Loan, housing the funds with the Bank of Montreal for safe keeping. These funds were redirected from the General Sinking Fund Investment Account. This transfer of funds was discussed by Council in August 1916.


November 14: Fort William:


Two recruiting stations in the city sent a request asking that they be given free light and telephone during the recruiting period. The 3rd Overseas Pioneer Battalion, the 212th Battalion, and all other Battalions that may recruit in the city sent a request asking to be given free light and telephone.


November 20: Port Arthur:




Accommodations continue to be secured for the 141st Battalion. Here, Port Arthur City Council receives a request of funds for the Y.M.C.A. As well, Council receives a letter with an update on arrangements being made for practice facilities for the Battalion. Plans are in place for the Battalion to practice at both the Y.M.C.A, as well as the gymnasium at Port Arthur Collegiate. Committee Chairman E.J. Blaquier requests funds in the amount of $500 to support the use of the Y.M.C.A.

November 20: Port Arthur:



Port Arthur City Council receives additional correspondence from E.J. Blaquier pertaining to quarters for the 141st Battalion. The Council thanks the Board of Education for use of the gymnasium at the Collegiate.

November 20: Port Arthur:



Correspondence between the Port Arthur City Council and B.J. Roberts of the British Red Cross continues. Council instructs the city Clerk to write to Mr. Roberts to inform him that the grant of $25 given was intended as a temporary measure and the October 1916 request for a larger donation will be forwarded to 1917 Council for consideration in the future.


November 27: Port Arthur:


Council receives thanks from the British Red Cross appeal for forwarding the appeal to the 1917 Council for consideration. The original request was made by Mr. B.J. Roberts of the British Red Cross in October 1916.

November 27: Port Arthur:


Port Arthur City Council receive a letter from E.J.Blaquier notifying them that a rest and reading-room has been secured on Park Street for the 141st Battalion. In July the 141st Battalion were moved from Fort Frances to training in Port Arthur at Gresley Park.

November 27: Port Arthur:


Port Arthur City Council receives a letter from Major Stethem regarding training quarters.

November 28: Fort William:


Fort William’s City Treasurer here suggests Council invest $210,000 of sinking fund money into Dominion War Bonds. This is a significant investment of funds in 1916, equivalent to just over $4,000,000 in present day dollars. In November 1915, Fort William City Council invested $100,000 into the Dominion War Loan, which the Treasurer notes have net the city an additional $8000 annually.