The Fort William Daily Times Journal and the Port Arthur Daily News respectfully solicited letters from soldiers at the front – or extracts therefrom – during the First World War. Any reader who had a letter from a relative or friend with the British, French or Russian forces was invited to submit said letter for publication to the community.

Allard, George (Pte) (regarding Pte Davey) Jun.21
Andrews, Lewis (Sgt) Jun.7
Bernstock, Harold C. (Pte) Jun.21
Berry, Seymour B. (Rev) (regarding Pte Harry Grant) Jun.11
Bowles, Clarence T. (Pte) Jun.11
Brazier, Raymond (Pte) Jun.6
Brimer, Andy (Pte) Jun.6
Cain, Lester (Lieut) Jun.9
Davis, W. H. (Capt) (regarding Pte Haywood) Jun.29
Dickinson, Thomas (Lieut) Jun.5
Earnshaw, James (Lance Corp) Jun.21
Ferguson, J. P. (Pte) Jun.8
Gibson, J. E. (Rev) (regarding Gunner A. A. Stewart) Jun.27
Gorman, G. W. (Sgt Mjr) Jun.30
Hogarth, Walter Jun.14
Hunt, Archie (Pte) Jun.11
Madden, G. B. (Pte) (regarding Pte Victor F. Johnson) Jun.11
McGuire, Frank (Pte) Jun.30
Rogers, H. E. (Pte) Jun.21
Rutledge, Stanley Jun.2
Stanworth, Harold (Corp) Jun.12
Strang, John (Pte) Jun.9
Townson, J. A. (Rev) (regarding Sgt. J. W. McLeod) Jun.5
Ursell, Reginald Jun.29