hal fryer

Pearl Fryer, wife of Major Hal C. Fryer (52nd Battalion, active in 96th Lake Superior Regiment), compiled and preserved a vast collection of photos, letters, reports, telegrams, newspaper clippings, and more in a scrapbook to commemorate the life and First World War experience of her husband.

hal and pearl fryer

This scrapbook has been generously shared with us courtesy of the Scott/Fryer family. Further, several newspaper articles were published in August 1916 to commend Fryer’s work during the War.

Major Fryer was awarded the Military Cross in 1916 and was killed in action in 1919.

Access the records from the scrapbook through the Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History. Articles of his exploits from the Fort William Daily Times Journal and the Port Arthur  Daily News Chronicle are included on pages 6 and 7 of the results.

Read his military records through Library and Archives Canada.

Read his entry in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

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