Private Thomas Godchere, Military Medal, 120nd Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force, from Long Lac 58 Band, Ontario. Photo Credit: Library & Archives Canada/Thunder Bay Military Museum


Private Thomas Godchere fought in the 120nd Battalion, had also been a member of the 96th Lake Superior Regiment, and came from the Long Lake Band.  He was awarded the Military Medal and was killed in action at Vimy.

Vimy Ridge, in northern France had been fortified by the Germans with well wired trenches, deep dugouts, inter-connecting tunnels and concrete bunkers. It was an important pivot in the enemy’s defences. There on Easter Monday, April 9, 1917 came the Allies first successful major offensive on the Western Front. On that day the entire Canadian Corps of four divisions, under the British Commander, Lieutenant General Sir Julian Byng, took the heights of Vimy which became a symbol of Canadian achievement. An Ojibway, Private Thomas Godchere of Long Lake Band, Longlac Ontario, was awarded the Military Medal, “ For gallant and distinguished conduct in reconnoitring and scouting under heavy shell and rifle fire after the attack on the 9 April 1917. This man has always shown great coolness and daring while out on scouting patrols.” Thomas Godchere was killed in action when he made his final patrol that day.

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