Private Archibald Gibbons. This photo shows one button missing from the uniform, which was done as a result of Archibald’s brother passing away from meningitis when he went overseas. Photo donated by daughter of Archibald Gibbons.

Born in the late 1890s in England, Archibald (“Archie”) Gibbons enlisted with the 52nd Battalion out of Port Arthur, Ontario in April 1915. Prior to this he had attended St James School, where he was an honours student. While serving overseas, he suffered a shrapnel wound to his arm that left him slightly paralyzed for the rest of his life. Following his term of military service, Archie was an outpatient at the Keefer Convalescent Home around 1916/1917, during which time he learned to type and telegraph which led him to work in Upsala. Later he would take a job with the grain elevators. His daughter has generously contributed copies of his war records including attestations papers, casualty and medical forms, payroll documentation, and proceedings on discharge.

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Archibald “Archie” Gibbons, 52nd Battalion in Port Arthur, Ontario. Photo donated by his daughter.