Ingram 2
This photo shows Chris (21), John (25), and Ted(17) Ingram from left to right during the First World War. Notation on the back of the image indicates that “Uncle Ted too young to join army – went to Fort Frances and lied about age – met in England and had this picture taken [in London]”.
These images were contributed to the project by Mr. Ernie Tilbury of Thunder Bay. His “Uncle Ted” enlisted with the 52nd Overseas Battalion on January 29, 1915 at the age of 17, though his age is listed on his attestation papers as 18.  He served in France and Belgium prior to demobilization in 1919.

Included in the group photograph above is Chris, age 21 and John, age 25.  I believe “John” is Private William John Ingram, who enlisted in Port Arthur on October 2, 1915 at age 24.  As his wife is listed as next-of-kin living at the same address as the next-of-kin for Ted, we can assume they were close relatives and possibly brothers.  John also served in the 52nd Battalion.  I have been unable to identify “Chris”, so he may be a relative or friend with a different last name.

Read William E. “Ted” Ingram’s military records through Library and Archives Canada.

Read William John Ingram’s military records through Library and Archives Canada.

This photo shows Private William (“Ted”)John Ingram. He enlisted with the 52nd Overseas Battalion out of Port Arthur, Ontario on October 2, 1915 and served in France and Belgium.