American Battalion

June 10, 1918 – Port Arthur:
The City Council of Port Arthur received a letter from S. Baker, the City Clerk of London, which contained an enclosed petition requesting the signatures of Port Arthur Council and addressed to the Governor-General regarding that insurance be provided for soldiers similar to how the US Government had done. The Council authorized both the Mayor and the City Clerk to sign the provided insurance petition.

June 10, 1918 – Port Arthur:
Port Arthur Council approves a payment of $44 in connection with the band who played for Corporal Burrows funeral. Today that band would have cost the Council $682.

June 10, 1918 – Port Arthur:
A letter dated May 25, received from A. L. Russell who was requesting assistance in District No. 56 to help with recording registrations on June 22. The Council instructed the City Clerk to send him over a list of helpers for that day and reassured Mr. Russell that the City will assist him in every way.

June 10, 1918 – Port Arthur:
In the letter dated June 10 that was sent from Col. J. A Little, informing them that General Ketchen had been appointed General Officer Commanding of Military District No. 10 Winnipeg, and would be passing through Port Arthur and Fort William. A reception will be held for his arrival, Port Arthur Council has requested that the Mayors of the two cities be present as well as the presidents of the Boards and Trade plus others suggested. The Council agrees to provide half the cost of the Port Arthur Band for the reception, the other half to be provided by the 96th Lake Superior Regiment.

June 10, 1918 – Port Arthur:
Port Arthur Council authorizes the Mayor to appeal in a display advertisement for all stores in Port Arthur to close on Wednesday afternoons from 12:30 during June, July, August and September.  As we see the same idea discussed in Fort William on June 11, we can assume this suggestion was also from the Thunder Bay Production and Conservation Association.


June 11, 1918 – Fort William
Several communications to the Fort William Council were received and disposed of as follows:

Received and filed

  1. Reports 7 & 8 of the Health Committee.
  2. Letter from the Treasury Department notifying the City Council that no unnecessary work is to be done by the City without first receiving permission in respect to the financing of work form the Minister of Finance.
  3. Letter from E. Blaquier Mayor of Port Arthur offering to allow the city to cut wood, providing they would open up and grade a street and do the necessary ditching .

June 11, 1918 – Fort William
A letter referred to solicitor for Fort William from the Thunder Bay Production and Conservation Association suggested that the City Council pass a Bylaw declaring Wednesday from 12 noon during the months of June, July, August and September as a half holiday.

June 11, 1918 – Fort William
A letter referred to Finance in Fort William from the Vacant Lot Garden Association is asking the City to furnish a large record book and provide the Association with the necessary clerical help for making original entries.

June 11, 1918 – Fort William
Business otherwise disposed of by Resolution:

  • Letter received from the Canada Food Board asking the City to assist in the administering of the law relating to food and food supplies.
  • Council instructs the City Police to enforce the Food Board’s regulations.
  • Report of the Fuel Committee dated June 10, 1918 read.

Local Military News

June 14, 1918 – Fort William
“That the Officer in charge of the Military and Dominion Police in this City be advised that owing to the Street Railway showing a deficit, which is necessitating the raising of street railway fares in this City, this Council deems it inadvisable to continue the further extension of free transportation to the six (6) men as has heretofore been granted, and that the request of Major Clarke for the free transportation of military police be not granted, and that he be advised that on and after June 18th, 1918 it will be necessary that both Dominion and military police pay the regular Street Railway fare.  Carried.”

June 17, 1918 – Port Arthur:
In reference to the closing of shops, discussed previously on June 10th, Port Arthur City Council passed a by-law for the closing of certain classes of shops in the City of Port Arthur, By-law No. 1535, read three times, signed, sealed and approved by Port Arthur City Council.

June 17, 1918 – Port Arthur:
In May, we saw that Mr. Meyerhoff had requested to hold a circus over July 1st, and there was concern that this event would conflict with the Dominion Day event planned by the Garden Club.  The City also insisted that a portion of the proceeds go towards the Red Cross.  Report No. 14 of the Licence and Relief Committee reports and recommend as follows:

That a licence be given to Henry Meyerhoff to hold a circus “Allied Shows” in the city commencing June 29 to July 4, as per letter of June 14 as per terms:

  • On Saturday, June 29th, 10% of the gross receipts of all riding devices and shows will be given to the City.
  • Monday, July 1st, 15% of the gross receipts of all riding devices and shows will be given to the City.
  • For the following days we will donate 5% of all gross receipts as above to any Institution named by the City.
  • The admissions and charges are in every instance by tickets in rolls and our sales may be checked by your Treasurer or any other person authorized by you daily and settlement made at the time of check.
  • In addition to the above, we agree to pay the Licence fee of $25 per day for the time we show in your City and, in addition we will give the Parks Board $25 to cover the cost of clearing up the ground after our Exhibit.

52nd Battalion

June 25, 1918 – Fort William
On June 14th, Fort William City Council agreed to inform the Dominion and Military Police that the City could no longer give them free rides on public transit.  In letter 2 discussed on June 25th, Major Clarke asks the City to reconsider their position:

  1. Letter from Major Clarke of the military police asking Council to reconsider their motion of the 14th In refusing to give free transportation for the military police on our elective street railway.

June 25, 1918 – Fort William
Fort William City Council refers to the Finance Committee, a request that funds be sent for the Serbian Relief Fund.  Serbian troops fought on the side of the Allies during the war, and their small country was also constantly bombarded by attacks from the Hungarian and Austrian troops, resulting in a country that was in desperate need of aid.

June 25, 1918 – Fort William
That the City Clerk be instructed to get full information on high cost of living in the City of Fort William and report back to Council.

American Battalion II