4th Anniversary of War

August 6: Port Arthur

1918-08-06-01A telegram was received in Port Arthur from Col. Henderson informing the Council on the tour of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur of Connaught through Canada.Prince Arthur of Connaught

Battle of Amiens

August 13: Fort William

1918-08-13-01The Fort William city council discussed the transportation of the Military Police through the city.

The Military Police had its beginnings in January 1918 where it started as a temporary enlargement of the Dominion Police. The group was then transferred to the Department of Militia and Defence in June of that same year and became the Canadian Military Police Corps.

August 19: Port Arthur


1918-08-19-04.jpgA letter from the City Clerk of Saskatoon was sent to Port Arthur Council concerning the defects of men examined under the Military Service Act.

The Military Service Act created conscription in Canada. The act was brought to parliament by Sir Robert Borden and was became law in 1917.

One of the areas of exemption from service was by medical classification. The system of medical classification in the Military was:

A. Fit for general service at home and abroad

B. Unfit for general service abroad but fit for base or garrison service at home and abroad

C. Fit for home service only

D. Temporary unfit, may return in six months

E. Permanently unfit

Category “E” was discussed in Port Arthur’s resolution. The Council felt it is necessary not only to conserve human life but also to maintain health and human efficiency and prevent sickness by proper public health, education, and provide medical treatment when possible.

The Council resolved that the Dominion and Provincial Governments be requested to use the information on record regarding persons medically examined and rejected by the military be used so that they will receive proper medical advice and treatment.

The Debt

August 19: Port Arthur

1918-08-19-05.jpgA grant in the amount of $2000 was made payable in quarterly sums of $500 to The Navy League of Canada for the care of the widows and children of Canadian sailors who were lost in the country’s service. $2000 in 1918 is equal to $30666.67 in 2018.

The Navy League of Canada was formed in 1895 to aid the Royal Navy and ensure proper naval defence. During the First World War, the league recruited for the Navy and Merchant Marines, provided financial assistance to families of naval personnel, operated hostels for the Navy, and provided rehabilitation for Naval Veterans.

August 27: Fort William

1918-08-27-01Like Port Arthur; Fort William also received a letter from the City Clerk of Saskatoon, enclosing copy of motion, in connection with treatment of those physically defective under the Military Service Act.

Nursing Sister Elizabeth Regan