A letter sent to Cpl Jim Smith by his 18 year old sister, Alice Smith, in September 1918 relays a great deal of information about the family, daily and work life as perceived by Ms. Smith. At the time of the letter’s writing, she was working as Assistant Biller at the C.P.R. Freight Office. The family was also about to move into a home on Victoria Ave. Further details of the letter discuss a recent Red Cross fundraising campaign that raised $14,000 (that is $195,550 in today’s dollar).

Read the full text of this letter as contributed by Mr. James Smith of Thunder Bay.


The address on the envelope says “Cpl. Jim Smith, A.A. 26 Inf, A.E.F, France”, indicating that Cpl. Smith was a member of the American Army 26th Infantry, American Expeditionary Force. The stamp over the address line says “Deceased, Verified [?], Statistical Division H.A.E.F.”  Cpl Smith was killed in action before he received this letter and it was sent back to Alice Smith.

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