May 5: Port Arthur

The Soldiers’ Aid Commission is given $500 from their 1919 grant ($6,539.22 in today’s dollars).

May 6: Fort William

The Chairman of the Special Committee of Soldiers Memorials, N. M. Paterson, has sent a report to the Council with a copy of Fort William’s formal resolution of their desire for a share of the war trophies. This copy will be sent to the Militia Department in Ottawa.

May 13: Fort William

A letter from the Fort William & District Municipal League is received by the Council. The letter is in regards to the Soldiers’ Land Settlement Scheme, but it is delayed to the next meeting to await pending legislation from Ottawa.

The 1917 Soldiers’ Settlement Act was inaugurated to help returning soldiers through grants or loans to start farms. The money given could be used to buy land, equipment, and stock.

May 19: Port Arthur

F. H. Keefer has asked the Council if he and the Rotarians of the Twin Cities may host an exhibit of photos to raise money for the Navy League of Canada. The Port Arthur Council has given their approval and support.

May 19: Port Arthur

On April 14th, the Great War Veterans’ Association asked the Council for a larger meeting space for themselves and the request was referred to the Property Committee. The Committee has now suggested their request be put on hold because the only large enough space is currently leased and occupied by the Christian Science Church. However, the Church is contemplating a move, so if they should move, the Association’s request would again be considered.

May 26: Port Arthur

On August 19, 1918, the City of Port Arthur agreed to pay a grant of $2000 ($26,156.86 in today’s dollars) to the Navy League of Canada for the care of widows and children of sailors who lost their lives in the war. It would be paid quarterly in sums of $500 ($6,539.22 in today’s dollars). The Council has now issued a cheque for one of the quarterly sums.

May 26: Port Arthur

At the May 19th Council meeting (see above), the Twin City Rotary Club asked for support for their photo exhibit to raise funds for the Navy League. They are now being informed that the Council promised moral support, not monetary support.